Googly Eyes

Yes, I have them. I have googly eyes because in elementary school, you just never know when the need will arise for googly eyes. The eyes googly-watched me dig through a large tub of what we'll just call teacher miscellany. The search for the leftover science lesson sandpaper I knew I had led me through D batteries and wire--other science lesson remnants, Hotwheels cars, mini carabiners, magnet tape, and a bag full of white beans. There will come a day when I realize that the perfect supply for a the next day's lesson is--duh, golf pencils! Yes, I have them too. And if the perfect supply is not golf pencils but confetti, felt, plastic Easter eggs, or terra cotta markers, well I'll be prepared for that as well. The lesson that requires magnet tape and a Koosh ball--it's no problem for Pack Rat Teacher Lady. Beads? Check. Silver garland? In stock. The Googly Eye Tub also houses those little paper pockets that hold index cards, that plastic piece that connects a pair of two liter bottles to make a water tornado, some confetti and a bag of glass rocks.

Clearly, this tub is a dumping ground for leftover supplies. If there's even a slim chance I might ever some day need that item again, into the container it goes. There are even materials that I've never used for a lesson but which could possibly have some future purpose in the second grade. The tub is also in theory the most convenient craft store / hardware store / teacher supply store that's always open even when an idea strikes me the night before at 9:00 pm.

And so, the lessons we learn from this magical tub are a) never throw anything away, and b) if anyone has a googly eye / carabiner / sand paper emergency--I'm your gal.

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