The First Day of School

With the prospect of cursive looming ominously on the horizon, or the knowledge that math will now be a whole year more difficult, it’s no wonder students get nervous on the first day of school. Similarly, the prospect of having to deal with all of those anxious children all day who don’t even know yet where the glue sticks are kept is enough to make teachers jittery that first morning. Not to mention the fear that a few students will fail to abide by the First Day Statute of Good Behavior that says that everyone must be perfect on day one in order to impress their new teacher. There’s also the possibility that those recurring school nightmares that started in July will come true. Really, there are many good reasons for all involved parties to be nervous.

On the first day of school every year, I give students a survey about the first day as their homework assignment. One of the questions asks students to tell what their biggest worry was going into the classroom on that first morning.

my biggest worry was to not act up

knowing my math

I was worry about my test score

to make a real big mistake

name put on the board

When I thought I wasn’t going to make friends

That we would have to do a lot of homework

Whin I met my new teach I thot she wont like me

My biggest worry was spelling.

I thought I was going to have a mean teacher

Actually nothing

Wish me luck tomorrow!

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