Oh, the dreaded annual filing day. It's the day over the summer when I file away all of the blank maps, reading passages, folders of math games, and poetry overheads that have somehow managed to not get put away. All year. Who has time to file these things? The filing process involves lots of little piles as I work my way through a huge stack of papers, and sort them according to subject, then take each pile over to the appropriate drawer for further sorting.

During this process, lots of papers wind up in the recycling pile and I feel lighter with each sheet that fills the bin. It is extremely liberating to be rid of so much paper! I just threw away a few stacks of tests from February that I thought I'd get around to grading at some point, that for the next several months just made me feel guilty every time I saw them. They're definitely not getting graded now!

As I sift through the endless mounds that will shortly stop cluttering the desk and floor, I experience the school year once again, but backwards. I just passed some Back to School Night agendas, so hopefully that means I'm near the end/beginning! I've also found several notes from kids detailing various infractions that fellow classmates committed over the course of the year.

Melissa wrote:
Dylan was Jumping one side of the cobit to the overside. From: Melissa

After considering for a minute what, exactly, the "cobit," was supposed to be, and knowing that we don't have any cabinets in our classroom, I figured out that she meant that Dylan was guilty of moving around from one side of the carpet to the otherside. Phew! Good thing she informed me of that. Even if I hadn't figured it out, though, I found a second note from Keisha in reference to Melissa's note.

Melissa note is SPellEd rong carpet other side
form KeIsha

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periperijane said...

Ok, future snarkster!

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