Teacher Appreciation

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Grab the next teacher you see and appreciate him or her! One way to do so, if you're looking for something very straightforward, is to take the Shawn Miller approach. Shawn walked into class on Monday, walked straight up to me--backpack and coat still on--and declared, "I appreciate you."

Certainly, teachers would also feel appreciated by, let's say, a salary raise. However, not all students would agree with this. One year, our morning journal was, "Who do you think should get paid more, a teacher or a professional baseball player? Why?"

A professional baseball player should get paid more because they do more work like practice and teachers just teach. they don’t practice nothing.


Alexis said...

Another way students can show appreciation for their teachers is by being on their best behavior. I know that's what I like best!

Sarah Garb said...

Good idea, but that memo didn't make it around to all the kids ;) I did get some very delicious treats and some thoughtful gifts, though!

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