Antics? Quotes? Anyone?

Oh hello there.  I am back online after what appears to be a bit of an unintentional summer blogging hiatus.  I thought about firing up the ol' computer a couple of times in the last few weeks, but then would get sidetracked by something way lazier.  There was beach lounging.  And napping.  Reading.  Crossword puzzles.

The lazing was punctuated by a thrilling tour of the nation's major airports and highways, with occasional forays into the surrounding cities and towns to visit far-flung friends and family in Massachusetts, Louisiana, and Minnesota.

If Michael's dramatic spider-cide resulted in the arachnid population dwindling to a mere million (by Bryson's count), then I brought it down to 999,999 during our stay in a Minnesotan lake cabin.  The mosquito population suffered some casualties as well, though not before they got in a few nibbles.

Sadly, though, without a room full of eight-year-olds constantly endeavoring to entertain, there were very few instances of hilarity this summer.  I did randomly encounter a few children here and there, and waited eagerly for them to produce something hilarious.  Friends' kids, that curious little boy in the restaurant, the girl next to me on the plane--all very cute, but they failed to generate any golden comedic nuggets.  They'd open their mouths to speak and I'd whip out a pad of paper, ready to jot down a malapropism, but all that came out was something like, "Let's play baseball" or "Where are you flying to?"  Hmph.
I did, however, discover a previously untapped source of potential blog material: Grandparents.  While visiting with my husband's grandparents, the conversation covered STegways (you know--those motorized scooters) and the menu at the the She-anti (aka Chianti) Grill before turning to my father-in-law's upcoming week at a resort.  Grandma's advice?  "Watch out for Kreugers!"  We all furrowed our brows a bit, wondering if she was advising him to stay away from Freddy and the rest of his family before figuring out that she was really warning him against predatory older women.

Until the school year starts up again, you can find me out walking around with my pad of paper, eavesdropping on any children--or grandparents--I happen to pass.  Well, either that or something way lazier.


Sarah said...

Haha, I know exactly how you feel! I'm (almost) glad school is starting up again soon just so I can have some consistent material :)

Sparkling said...

Wow if I had realized you were coming to MA I would have asked where and we might have met in REAL LIFE! So sad.

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