Don't Get Too Jealous

Yeah.  Whatever.  I'm not jealous.  Ours is just as good.

My husband, Nate, received this announcement today about a special guest coming to his campus tomorrow.  He promptly forwarded the email to me and I was promptly and extremely jealous. 

But it just so happened that WE had a special guest of our own in third grade today.  So.  There. 

 Take THAT, Georgetown.  We've got Mr. Nick.  HE used to teach the third graders in Kindergarten.  HE now lives in CaliFORnia and that is where Emily's COUSIN lives so it is AWESOME.  Mr. NICK hung out with us at LUNCH and was really impressed with how big everyone is now and even remembered Malik's DAD.  Mr. NICK apparently brought in CAKE for his own BIRTHDAY in Kindergarten, as I was informed by any of the students who could remember back that far.  HIS visit was ALSO scheduled last minute.  Also probably for security reasons. 

And lest you think this is the first big shot we've had visit our classroom, I'll have you know that we once had the DC INSPECTOR GENERAL come talk to us.  Woah.


pooj and jess said...

Mr. Nick is a pretty good guest. I miss that tall guy.

Sarah said...

Emily and the rest of the 3rd graders sure have a LOT to brag about! Even I'm jealous!!! :)

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