I Got Something Else Out of That

Last week we went to a performance of Spanish and Latin American music and dance.  While there were a couple of parts of the performance that sort of dragged, overall the kids were fascinated by the dancers and musicians.  Or, as Carla put it in the performance surveys they gave us at the end of the show, "I liked all of the parts some of the time."  Hmmmm.

The narrator introduced different styles of music and dance and told us about where the different styles came from.  The kids got to see some wonderful flamenco dancing, piano playing, castanets, and what I must say was some extremely fancy tambourine playing.  The musician used his knees, feet, and even head to bang the instrument.  It must have certainly been one of all of the parts that Carla liked some of the time.

Then the narrator brought out a harmonica and in between some very jazzy playing, he told us about the influences that jazz music has had on the music and dances we were about to see.  He wailed on the harmonica some more, and we were all getting into the groove.  Bah NAH nuh nah NUMP. Ba BUMP. Ba BUMP.  All that was missing were a few verses about having the blues.

Whatever cultural understanding was coming up following this harmonica, though, Brian had his own cultural reference point.  As the guy kept wailing away on the harmonica,  Brain, who was sitting next to me, said simply and declaratively,




I don't think that's where they're going with this.


Sherri said...

Jail! Of course! Oh, too funny...

Sarah said...

I think you must have caught the caboose of that train of thought!! Hahahaha!

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