And My Lie Is...

The brilliant feature of the game "Two Truths and a Lie" is that it gives you permission to blatantly make stuff up.  All things are possible.  You can paint yourself as an expert in baseball scorekeeping and experience the thrill of living the lie--even if only for a brief moment.  Ha!  That baseball one was true!  (Or at least true-ish--"expert" is a bit strong, but I can spot a third inning F-7 and pencil it in appropriately.)

Though the premise is quite simple, when playing with children it's often necessary to break down the game with some helpful Dos and Don'ts.
  • DO think of two things about you that are true.
  • DO think of one thing that is a lie.
  • DO make the lie seem like it could possibly be true.
  • DON'T always put the lie last.
Perhaps I neglected to cover all bases, however, last year when playing a round with my class.  Cesar spouted off two statements as all of the other kids furrowed their brows in careful consideration of the likelihood of each.

He continued, "And my lie is...."

I have since added a fifth helpful tip to the Dos and Don'ts of "Two Truths and a Lie."

And lie is revealed!
  • True!  I am here to tell you that the Angola Prison Rodeo definitely earns its nickname as "The Wildest Show in the South."
  • Yup!  That was me, head lolling back, hooked up to an IV, in a nut-induced, Bourbon Street evening of fun.
  • Sure enough!  Just need to hit Hawaii, Nevada, Kansas, and Oregon to complete the set.
  • Affirmative!  Drove all night to snag some diamonds.  Found none, but did stop along the way at Bill Clinton's boyhood home.
  • Uh huh!  Stewardesses, readdressed, bedwetter....right hand completely free for other tasks such as recording that sixth inning home run.
  • Indeed!  I saved the day!  And didn't realize that bag in the back seat was so heavy or his shoulder so removable. 
And my lie is...
  • Nope!  Didn't meet Duff.  That was actually borrowed from the life of my friend Elaine, but I enjoyed pretending it was me.  And there went my brief moment. 


Sherri said...

Wow, you play a mean game of Truths and a Lie! Great job...

Sneaker Teacher said...

Oregon is awesome! Definitely worth a visit!


Sarah said...

That's a great one! Do your kiddos enjoy playing the game too? Are they good at spotting the lie?

Sarah Garb said...

Two Truths and a Lie is definitely a hit with the kids. They're usually not great at spotting the lie--not knowing what would or wouldn't be likely, and also sometimes the lies are things like, "My cousin's name is Joe" ... when it's really Joseph :)

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