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Monday, May 24, 2010

Just in Case

Tomorrow is our big performance of all that we've learned about laws! But before the big performance can happen, there have to be four thousand, five hundred twenty-nine rehearsals, give or take three rehearsals. I get really cranky at rehearsals and have been trying to focus on taking notes on which kids are speaking loudly, saying their lines with feeling, and putting energy into their parts, and then sharing those at the end. If I don't, it's just so easy to focus solely on who's still speaking too quietly, who's fidgeting around on stage, who's talking off stage!

There's nothing in particular to report from today, other than rehearsals, so I'm digging into my list of favorite moments from past years. A few years ago we had done a science experiment one day in class. Kids in general just go nuts for science experiments and Elijah was one such kid in particular. The next day, even when I told Elijah there would be no experimenting that day, he maintained his persistent optimism that there might arise some circumstances under which an experiment would, in fact, happen. And in that unlikely but possible situation, well he'd not be caught unprepared! Since you never know when something excellent is going to happen, it's good to be ready with some scissors.

Elijah: "We gonna be doing that experiment today?"
Ms. Garb: "No."
Elijah: "Well, I'll just get the scissors out in case."
Image: dansarkozy.co.uk


Sarah said...

Hmmmm. I wonder if I should maybe start carrying scissors in my purse in the event of an exciting experiment....

Sarah Garb said...

It couldn't hurt, really. You just never know!

Nate said...

I always carry scissors.