Ultra Hilarious

If you happen to be seven years old and really like giggling, today was the day for you in room 202. There were (what some would label) "ultra hilarious" fart noises happening during math. If you happen to be grown-up years old and find giggling overrated, today was not the day for you.

The Second Grade Scale of Hilarity

Fart Noises: Ultra Hilarious

Continuing to Make Fart Noises After the Other Kids at your Table have Stopped and You Don't Realize the Teacher is Staring at You and then Realizing: NOT Hilarious

Actually Farting: NOT Hilarious, except when it is Ultra Hilarious

Picking One's Nose: NOT Hilarious

FAKE-Picking One's Nose: Ultra Hilarious

Burping: Moderately Hilarious

Songs with the Lyrics, "BUTT-butt-butt-butt, BUTT-butt-butt-butt": Hilarious


Image credit: http://www.coolest-gadgets.com


Vivienne said...

I loooooooove 2nd graders. Its kinda like me and the phrase "poopie head" I'm an adult, why am I laughing when I hear that, lol.

Sarah said...

Haha!! Love it! Any song with "Butt" in it does it for me :)

Sarah Garb said...

Sounds like I've got quite the mature audience of readers ;) Now I know what two phrases my next blog post should feature....

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