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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sort of a Hero

OK, I'm sort of a hero. I didn't stop a bank robber or put out a fire or anything, but mine is the sort of moderate heroism conferred upon those who do very yucky things for others. Disposing of a dead baby mouse in a friend's closet? Very yucky and I've done it. Digging in the trash for a student's missing item? Very yucky, and I do it fairly regularly.

Today in the middle of another teacher's lesson, Bria turned toward me and was motioning wildly about needing to talk. "After the lesson" I told her. A few minutes later, she turned again and whispered, "But I have to tell you something!" I broke out my two often-cited Really Good Reasons to Interrupt to help Bria put this supposedly dire need in perspective. "Are you bleeding?" I asked. "Is the school on fire? Then I'll talk to you right after the lesson's over!"

"But I need to talk to you before Mr. Jose throws out the trash!" After blood or flames, I could see how impending dumping of the trash could potentially be considered an emergency situation. Bria had accidentally thrown away her metal spoon from home after lunch. We headed into the hallway to the two trashcans with the dumpings of todday's lunch. "OK--this is going to be gross!" I warned her. "But we can just wash our hands right after, so let's go for it." We each dove in up to our elbows on the count of three. Somehow I had gotten the trashcan with the wet, sloppy, gooey lunch trash, while Bria sifted through a few barely used napkins and some crackers.

I was covered with extra-saucy red beans, yogurt, and green beans when Bria turned up the spoon. "I think yours was the grossest" she declared. "You're the best teacher ever." Well, OK, I'm sort of a hero.

What heroic acts of yuckiness have you done for someone lately?
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teachin' said...

I got nothin' along those lines. My most recent heroic moment was when I helped a kid download some free beats for our school talent show....but that's kinda weak compared to your dumpster dive.

Sarah Garb said...

Hey--that download could just end up being the highlight of the whole show. I think the "sort of a hero" label applies :)

Julia said...

Yes, you did save us from a gross, dead baby mouse. And I'm forever in your debt!

Sarah Garb said...

Julia--I'll try to think up something very gross you can do for me as repayment. Now if only I had a mouse problem in our apartment....