25 Reasons Why I am Nevery Leveing You

As Valentine's Day approaches, if you are in need of a special message for your loved one, you might consider borrowing some of the following 25 reasons from a note I once found in the fourth grade. It's just an excellent list all around.

  Fourth grade girls like to take advice from older and wiser siblings and friends when it comes to matters of the heart. In Katina's case, expert advisors must have directed her to do several things in her list of reasons why she loves the potential boyfriend. I can only assume that these things must have included:
-Quote songs from the 80s
-Praise his gift-giving and truth-telling abilities
-Use acronyms for emphasis
-Demonstrate just how much you like him by having that item in your list take up three whole numbers
-Threaten him

  For more tips, you might also get some ideas this Valentine's Day from, "Dear Ms. Sexy."

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