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Monday, July 6, 2009

But That's Math...

Ah, summer. The season of visiting pretend towns with your family. I’m personally familiar with such pretend towns, having grown up close to Old Sturbridge Village, where colonial-garbed women spin wool into yarn and a blacksmith perpetually hammers away at a new shoe for his horse. You can tour the old homes and purchase quills and ink at the general store. I even went to summer camp at one of these old-time setups and learned how to churn butter. This summer, these old fashioned villages will surely be brimming with girls such as Milena, who one year saved up her money for months to dress as a girl from the 1700s.
   Milena was explaining one day at lunch about her family’s upcoming trip to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, and about how you can rent old fashioned clothes there. Milena was saving her money and although she wanted to buy some other things, was putting those on hold until after the Williamsburg trip. She was very serious about those colonial dresses. She listed off the money that she had saved--$8 from Tyieshia for her recent birthday and $5 from Becky--and explained there was still five weeks of allowance to be had before the trip. I asked how much, then, she would have total with the birthday cash plus allowance. Milena looked at me as if I had asked an absolutely ridiculous question that she couldn’t possibly be expected to answer and said, “Well, that’s math, so….”


Kerry said...

Funny you mention Sturbridge. I recently found myself wishing I had paid more attention on our visit there (provided I did, in fact, visit there, and not that it was just so widely talked about that I just thought I visited there). Apparently there was a lot going on in the way of furniture making back in the day. Although, as I type, I am wondering if I am confusing Sturbridge with Shaker... is there a shaker village? Was Sturbridge full of shakers? Yikes.

Sarah Garb said...

I don't think there's a Shaker Village, but you probably did miss out on a valuable interior design learning opportunity. You should have made sketches and taken dimensions on the fifth grade field trip :) Maybe even have brought along some paint chips to figure out what the wall colors were. Dang it.