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Friday, June 26, 2009


Ahhh! Resisting temptation is so hard! Nate was eating some Five Guys fries the other day, which are cooked in peanut oil. I am allergic to nuts and have been to the emergency room my fair share of times for some rather unfortunate accidental walnut and pecan situations. I actually ate Five Guys fries a few times before finding out they cook everything there in death oil, as I like to call it. The fact that I survived those death oil fries means one of two things: either peanuts just aren't that bad on my nut-allergy spectrum, or I'm faking! Still, I avoid eating at Five Guys.

But those fries! The smell was irresistible and I admit that I did eat a few. My defense sounded a lot like that given by third grade Thomas a couple of years ago, who was lactose intolerant. One afternoon, he was doubled over with a stomach ache after having eaten cheese at lunch. "Thomas," I asked, "why did you eat cheese if you knew it would make your stomach hurt?" In light of my inability to resist those amazing but potentially deadly French fries, I can't really blame him for his reply, delivered in a rather pathetic-sounding moan. "Because it's du-LI-CIOUS!"

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